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What To Do When Your Phone Falls Into Water



I was washing my clothes when my phone rang, brought it out of my pocket and it mistakenly fell inside the washing machine, what should l do?

First of all, remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible. The longer it stays there, the more water or liquid will seep through the cracks and openings of your phone. Once it’s out of the water, there are certain things you need to do right away, and certain things you should absolutely avoid doing in order to prevent water damage.

If the water damage is more extensive, you can use a vacuum to carefully suck out water stuck from the cracks that are harder to get at. Make sure any small parts, such as the memory card, SIM card, or battery, are removed before attempting this. Bury the phone in a ziplock bag full of uncooked rice.

  • Do not shake, tap or bang the phone
  • Do not blow on it.
  • Do not heat it up (that includes using a blow dryer or microwaving it

For more advice on what to do when your phone is wet, watch this funny but educative video,

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