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Video Review: The Colorful Side Of SOCO By Wizkid



Starboy Wizkid released his first single of the year “SOCO” February 18th, 2018, while featuring his three new signed acts. The song gained grounds in the Nigerian scene seeing it came from Starboy himself. However, there were some complaints of all three acts sounding just like Wizkid. While some others thought the song was a lot lower than standards set by the artist.

According to @ibironketweets I’ve heard some of these Wizkid FC members scream Starboy! Starboy! and seen comments on the brilliance of Soco since it dropped. But in my opinion it is just another product of a freestyle session which was deemed fit to be called a hit song because it is a ‘vibe’ – a cheap vibe.

A vibe with everyone on it sounding alike, a vibe that lacks newness and oh! Shouldn’t we have gotten tired of the same Eledumare will bless you with money, Starboy will bless you with money, baby oh, lines from Wizzy? I feel like Soco was made by an uninspired Wizkid featuring a Wizkid whose sleep was cut short and another Wizkid who would rather be making babies.

Although, these were visible shortcomings in the song, the artist made an effort in covering all these faults with the video. However, the video still did not reach the minimum expectation standard. Notwithstanding, the beautiful color blend in the video will not be ignored. The plethora of colours made the video standout. This  atleast is one thing taken out of the video.

Moving further, the dancers were a bit all over the place, this includes their dance steps. It visibly shows that there might have been a gliche in the directing of this video. Nonetheless, one does not expect a choreography but rather a simple, artistic and well arranged mode of dance  display. At a point in the video, a hint of confusion were seen in the dancers, regarding the next dance step to make.


One will effortlessly see the rushed homework of the artist and his team in the video. Not forgetting they all sounding alike. Or is it the dirty background the video was shot. In all the video as attractive as it was, was still confusing to watch as everybody was everywhere. Starboy Wizkid went below his standards and can actually do better. We look forward to getting hits from his new team.


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