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Top Things That Can Make Your Condom Break



We all know that using a condom is one of the most effective means of protection against s3xually transmitted diseases, infections as well as unwanted pregnancy; but, the major failings of a condom lies in the fact that it could break at any time, leaving one exposed to the dangers one was trying to avoid in the first place.

A lot of people have become victims of STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies, not because they didn’t use a condom, but because it got damaged durings3x.

Below are 5 some of the reasons why condom breaks.

LACK OF LUBRICATION: “A lack of lubrication can cause pains during s3x, and it could also increase the risk of the condom getting damaged, using a condom that isn’t well lubricated with a woman with tight vag!na muscles would also increase the likelihood of the condom breaking”.

USING TWO CONDOMS: “Using two condoms during s3x is also very risky; it offers lesser protection than one, it could cause friction and in turn weaken the condom, increasing the likelihood for it to break”.

EXPIRED CONDOM: “Condoms have an expiry date as well; be sure to always check the expiry date at the back of the wrapper before use”.

HEAT: “Heat can also damage the quality of latex condom, don’t store your condom in a hot place”.

THE SIZE: “If the condom is too tight or too loose, it can easily get damaged, be sure to use a condom that would fit your organ”.

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