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The TuFaced Political Ambitions Of Nigerian Entertainers



“Politics affects everything I do. So, I am definitely going to be interested in politics. I will soon participate as a contestant and speak the truth at all times. I hope and pray that good men will rise up and make a difference in this country because we need more patriotic people in all aspects of life.” Mr Innocent Idibia aka Tuface says as he speaks on his move to join the political scene.

Speaking further on the Fulani Herdsmen crisis rocking the nation and also calling for aid from the government, he says “This thing is going on for too long, repeating itself over and over. There has to be a solution, the victims are not goats they are humans and should be taken care of. I feel terrible not because it also happened in Benue State, where I hail from, but because it is also happening almost throughout the federation. It does not have to happen to someone you know before you speak up about it”.

“There is so much we’ve been saying about this crisis, but nothing much has come the way of the victims. We just need more people to support and join hands to continue extending relief materials to affected people. This is the most important thing we can now do; bring succour to the victims”

However, this declaration did not come as a surprise to Nigerians. As some other entertainers have also ventured into the political scene. This includes the likes of Kenneth Okonkwo and Yul Edochie running the gubernatorial race in their respective states.

Whereas Charly Boy feels entertainers who join the political race are uncertain about their future and just join the bandwagon.
His words, “I know that most of them are bad and they are people who have not nurtured themselves as leaders and are involved in politics because of the money they want to steal.

“That is not a good thing, but I cannot stop somebody who is frightened of his/her tomorrow to venture in the same path. I pray and hope that they can make it because there is nowhere that is easy.”

Charly boy’s words notwithstanding but looking at the facts that stare at us, most entertainers who have shown interests in politics have one way or the other withdrawn from the race. This clearly shows that when the going gets tough, the tough refuse to get tougher but chicken out on the way. This also reveals they only dip their toes into the shallow waters.


With the declaration of the African Queen crooner Tuface Idibia, one will want to have faith that a way will soon be paved. Rather, we should ask if he will be able to face the heat when the fire comes.

It will be remembered that last year, Tuface Idibia chickened out of a protest scheduled on 6th February 2017 at the last minute. Not after raising the hopes of Nigerians. This, however, did not go down well with Nigerians who called him a coward for cowering to the threats of the Lagos State Police Command. Although, they were supposed to maintain peace and order during the protest. According to the singer, his reason for opting out was “security reasons”. While claiming credible sources acknowledged the fact that the protest will be disrupted by hoodlums.

Should we get to trust someone who easily steps down rather than fighting for the rights of the people when the heat comes up? Or will his declaration be stated as a joke just like his other counterparts who have run, fallen and refuse to stand up again? Or is the artist trying to test his feet into new shoes to see if they fit?

These questions arise as entertainers have woefully failed in their social duties. That is to use their creativity to better Nigeria. Nonetheless, we will not stop to acknowledge their efforts in making Nigeria visible on the map of the world through their works.

Regardless, it is necessary that they think through every decision made towards their political ambitions to avoid making a fool of themselves.

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