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The Purpose Of Life Must Be Personally Understood, Shawncriis Speaks On New Single, Antidote



Fast-rising music sensation, Shawncriis is one of the Nigerian artistes that consider originality as the most important quality when it comes to measuring the level of power a singer puts across in the ever competitive entertainment industry.

He thinks that without being real, an artist has no place in the business of entertainment let alone succeeding.

In an exclusive interview with AUGUSTINE NWAOBI, the antidote crooner unveiled much about his personality, explaining the inspiration behind his kind of song among several other interesting issues.

Enjoy excerpts below:

What inspired the song Antidote?

“Antidote” is actually a cover of Tory Lanze, “I told you “the song was inspired by what was going on around me at the time, I wrote the song antidote to motivate myself and everybody that listens to it. 

As a fast-rising artist, what is it you want to do different from others in the music scene?

I like to keep it real 100percent all day any day no fake it till you make it in my case. I will want to be able to relate with my audience at all time and at all level in my music career; I will not allow fame or popularity get into my head because it is the surest way to fall. Being humble in fame is one of the goals that I have set for myself as an artist.  

What is music to you and for how long have you been singing? 

In the words of the afro beat legend, late Fela Kuti “music is a weapon, music is a tool”; I personally see music as one of the ways that to express myself. I may not be able to talk too much but I singing had been my main means of self-expression. I sing a lot—I have been signing officially for 5 years.  

If you are to choose between message and beat, which will you go for considering your career path? 

Definitely a Beat. I choice beat because music goes beyond what I as an artist have to say, it extends to the feeling and mood of the people listening, so to be able to communicate with music an artist, in my opinion, should be able to leverage from good beats to influence the mood, character and behaviour of his listeners.

What is your philosophy about life?

You are the author of your life …nobody should tell you how to live your life. The purpose of life must be personally understood before one begins to engage other people’s opinion.

This is the song Antidote for your listening pleasure.

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