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Sua’s Thoughts (Episode 8) by Rebecca Olusanya



episode 19

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When I woke, I was surprised to see that the teacher was in class and no body woke me up, I hurriedly got my book from my locker and joined the rest of the class in concentration. When the teacher looked and noticed I was awake, she cracked a silly joke that hurt me and my mood changed from then till the end of the class.

“You must have been very tired, that you didn’t even want to sit up when I tapped you”; the new boy said looking at me. “Oh so it was you that the devil sent today to disturb my sound sleep”, I said as I eyed him and walked to my Benny’s seat, she gave me a dirty look, “be nice to him Desua, and stop being a goat”. “How else do you want me to be behave I said as I looked back at the boy. I just don’t like him, Benny”, I said looking at Benny. “He has this face I can’t place”. “You can’t like him Sua, Benny said laughing, “and who do you like?”  “I am serious, Benny this case is different, I don’t like the way he stares at me like he still has something else to say”; she stood up and went to my seat and from there she shouted , “SUA ! The boy’s name is Richard”.  “Okay!”  I said embarrassed, as I joined her in packing my bag.

The boy packed his bag and when he got to the entrance of the class he turned and said, “Adesua goodnight”, I didn’t reply, but my best friend poked me hard that I was forced to reply. “Goodnight rich…” he chuckled and left for home.

On our way home, Benny and I talked about the day’s event and we laughed and laughed when each spoke of their view of the new student, Benny laughed more when I said, “Rich is cute no doubt but he looks dumb to me… he can’t even dare look at me, what a fellow, silly fellow to be précised”. Benny could not manage a smile but kept on laughing then she said to me, “Sua, he is not the one with a problem, you are the problematic fellow here… you act like a midnight witch when you see a new guy, you need to change first”. “Okay” I said, trying not to get angry at her or ask why she is so concerned about the new boy as I walked away. “Wait for me, Sua”, Benny said as she hurried up to catch up with me.

The next day in class was funny as everyone was giving the new boy so much attention and I didn’t like it. He was taking away my spotlight, but something was strange at the way he looks at me and grins like a hungry lion looking at its prey before consumption and that was scarier. Every time he tries to talk to me, I avert it and move somewhere else. But I couldn’t hide for so long, he was more experienced so he knew how to handle people like myself or so I thought, because he left me alone and didn’t even bother me again; which left me wondering why but my pride wouldn’t let me ask , so I acted okay with it.


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