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Sua’s Thoughts (Episode 13) by Rebecca Olusanya



episode 19

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Episode 13

We were still sweeping when Benny looked at me again, “what is it again Benny?” I said because I knew she had something to say, “Desua, did Richie ask you out at all?” “Mmmmm does he have to? We like each other and that is what matters, isn’t it?” I looked at my best friend who was still looking at me with concern. “I will talk to him about it, thanks” I said as I hugged her.



I didn’t remember to talk to Richie about Benny’s concern or my concern because the love between us was really glowing and was no longer hidden from anyone in class. We met in class every morning showed to each other how much we cherish ourselves but we never did the real deal because I never allowed him to. I made him a promise that I’d allow him once we are done with our final exams in school, which though he wasn’t happy about it, agreed to my terms.



Although he didn’t ask me out but we’ve been together for four months and those months were really the best moments of my life or so I thought. Everything I felt with Richie was the first; my feelings, my reactions to things were really different these days and I became a lovable person to everyone. He changed my life for real and I was really glad it was him I fell in love with. I disregarded my best friend’s   warnings about guys who don’t make certain relationship clear because they have things they are hiding. I told her, my relationship with Richie is opened enough to expose him if he was having another affair but little did I know what was ahead of me.



It was the day of my last paper, I was so excited not because I was concluding my exams but because it was finally the day to keep my promise to Richie my love, since we agreed to meet at 6pm in the class after the school had closed for the day. After the exam i  hurried home to make dinner , then I went through my wardrobe to pick my best clothes, but I found nothing to befit the occasion.


I rushed into Omar’s room and picked her leggings and armless top, because I pictured the clothes to be  easily remove without any complication. I hurried to the bathroom took a quick shower and went to my room to dress up, I wore an overall on the clothes so as to divert people’s attention from me considering what I was wearing underneath. By the time I was done it was 6pm.

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Gosh I said as I found out there was no money left in my purse and I have to walk to school. As I walked to school hurriedly I got myself thinking about the consequence, and the fact that I didn’t tell my sister nor did I tell my best friend. I vowed in my heart to take this secret to my grave. I ran and stopped running when I got to the front of the block opposite my class block. Then I started tip toeing thinking I would give Richie a scare.


When I got to our block I started hearing voices, male and female, I smiled because I felt there are other people like myself and Richie here tonight, and who have come to seal their bonds. But it was more surprising because the closer I moved towards the classroom the clearer the voices became.

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