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Shots Fired, As Shi’a Attack Police In Abuja (Video& Photos)



There was pandemonium today in Abuja, as shots were today fired when members of the Shi’a Islamic group loyal to detained Yaqoub El Zakzaky attacked an anti riot police van.

According to a resident in Abuja, Alan Shore, “stray bullets entered the windows of NCC during the face off between Security agencies & Shiites in Maitama.”

According to another source, the stray bullet hit one person in the National Communications Commission (NCC) office in Abuja. He said, “Dude was sitting in his office. Bullet just hit him. My sis works there too so she confirmed it. Tear gas all over the place.”

Zakzaky is an outspoken Shi’a Muslim cleric and head of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement detained by the federal government of Nigeria.

Attacked police van is seen in the photo


More details later…

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