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Secret Fears Most Men Don’t Admit Or Talk About



It’s normal all over the world to view men as strong and enduring, this is why we cannot blame them for keeping certain things to themselves or get annoyed when they refuse to share their feelings with their spouse. Truth is guys do have secrets and things the like talk about but won’t in order not to lessen their ego.

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They actually do bother and ponder about what their body looks like. They need to know if they look good enough to fit in any dress and look attractive towards the opposite sex, and also try to be competitive with other guys around them.

Another secret they worry about is financial situations. This is another reason some guys refuse to date a girl especially when they are financially not stable. They think they won’t be able to hold a relationship because there is not enough money. This is a wrong ideology though because women are more drawn to care and attention unless she’s not worth your time. Like who wouldn’t want to have one of the most important features a man must have. They like to try their possible best to be liked by women and get their attention away from the tall guys.

They are also worried about their sex game, if it is terrible. A woman can fake orgasm and that is something a man gets worried about, if her orgasm is real or not.

Other men over his woman can also be a threat to him especially one that is always funny and makes his woman laugh. They lie about being threatened but deep down inside, they are worried about this funny dude and other men around their woman.

They do not express their emotions well, it makes them feel they will be looked down as weak.

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