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On Becoming A Woman, Note To Self



On Becoming A Woman, Note To Self

I know a beautiful woman, and she lives inside me. Oh how selfish I’ve been, staying so long in girlhood for the desire to be carefree. I have failed to give the woman in me expression; failed to nurture her. I have cried instead of stepping up to a challenge. Cowardly, I have run from confrontation instead of tackling it. I have given in when I should have stood my ground. I have accepted where I should have questioned and made excuses where I should have learned. I have built castles where they won’t last, in the air- thin air. I have stayed out too long in the rain without the thought of cold, the showers were too interesting and they beckoned to me. I have handled crushes like love without knowledge of the depth of their differences.

A New Dawn

On Becoming A Woman, Note To Self

This woman, she has strength and she has love but she knows where to apply what when. She’s discerning. She doesn’t live for perfection but she gives her all to enable excellence. She doesn’t insure her future in humans. She shares her joy but doesn’t give her happiness away. She is tolerant but doesn’t condone stampedes. She enjoys the company of others but understands the value of solace. She doesn’t run from God because of sin but allows her sins to take her closer to him. She is dedicated but doesn’t waste time. She pursues her dreams while handling the struggles of reality. She is not without blemish but her virtues are left open to be seen by those who look. She won’t bear a grudge but would express her displeasure firmly. She’ll feed others but also remember to save a morsel for herself.


Heritage of Grace

On Becoming A Woman, Note To Self

Beautiful woman, drawn from the template of a even more beautiful older woman, but not without her own brand of uniqueness: won’t you start the journey to become me? Be my chaperone, my governess; lead me to the ball and watch me fill my dance card, and when I’m done, let your wisdom point out the men that would grab my behind. I’d still dance with them but teach me to teasingly sway out of their arms without arousing their rage. School me to beautify myself with ornaments without losing my essence. Mentor me beautiful woman who lives inside me.


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