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My S3x Diary (Episode 9)




If you had been in my situation before, you would understand me. I turned after locking the bathroom door and I was shocked to see my uncle was sitting on a chair in my bedroom near my bed. My mouth was ajar in shock and surprised and I could not understand what to do; I understood that my uncle must have seen me enjoying my parent’s s3xual act.

I could not say anything. My legs were glued to the floor. I could not move. I raised my head slowly. I was thinking about the reply or the explanation which I should give to my uncle. My uncle was looking at me with a lot of questions in his mind. Suddenly my uncle stood up putting his finger on his lips with silent sign and held my hand. He took me to his bedroom opposite my bedroom and locked it from inside.

My S3x Diary (Episode 10)

My uncle said, “I don’t want your dad and mom to hear our conversation. That is why we are here. Now tell me, what were you doing?”

Scared, I said slowly, “Nothing uncle! I just returned from bathroom….” He stopped me midway, “don’t try to fool me. I have seen all.” All? I queried. “What all? I was doing nothing.”

He had caught me red-handed. He said, “you were watching your parents in their bedroom. The light of your parents’ bedroom was coming up to your bedroom through the bathroom and you were standing behind their bathroom door slightly opened through which the light was coming. I have seen you clearly.”

I could not say anything. I understood that my secret is no longer a secret. He knows everything, and now my uncle may inform my parents. We were sitting on the bed facing each other. Water started coming out of my eyes, and my uncle was watching me. My head was down.

Then he said, “Hey! Look at me. Don’t cry.” He raised his hand and wiped out my tears. He continued, “Answer me clearly. Do you wish that I bring this to the knowledge of your parents?” I responded, sobbing, “No uncle! Please!! Don’t do that. Pleeeeaaase!”

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