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My S3x Diary (Episode 8)




They always like to keep the lights on during s3x, so I am able to see
everything very clearly. They might be thinking that their little
girl, Amaka, is in deep sleep in next bedroom and because of that they
did not bother to lock bathroom door from their side as they were
doing this often after midnight only. At least, that was only when I
was able to see them when I would be home.
My father and my uncle are the only two sons to my grandparents. Both
the brothers love each other very much. My dad being elder brother,
always get respect from my uncle. My uncle is still unmarried. He is
very handsome like my dad. My uncle’s bedroom is just opposite to my
There are a total four bedrooms on first floor of our house. There are
two bedrooms on the second floor. The sitting room, kitchen and a
small office are on ground floor. The computer is in the office and we
all share it.
One night, I was enjoying seeing my mom giving her mouth service to my
dad’s cock and my dad was enjoying my mom’s p**sy licking it. They
were in 69 positions that time and I thought, I was probably enjoying
more than them. My hand was already under my pant and my fingers were
playing with my p**sy lips and cl!ts. My p**sy was leaking like
anything and my fingers got wet with my p**sy juice.

My S3x Diary (Episode 9)

By the time my parents had finished the blow job to each other, I have
closed their bathroom door carefully and returned to my bedroom by
locking bathroom door from inside of my bedroom. I was so excited and
I wanted to reach climax by rubbing my p**sy and cl!ts quickly.
If you had been in my situation before, you would understand me. I
turned after locking the bathroom door and I was shocked to see my
uncle was sitting on a chair in my bedroom near my bed. My mouth was
ajar in shock and surprised and I could not understand what to do; I
understood that my uncle must have seen me enjoying my parent’s s3xual

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