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My S3x Diary (Episode 7)




Suddenly, it was like I woke up from a dream and understood the
situation. I moved back quietly and closed the bathroom door gently,
without any noise. I quietly released the handle, locked bathroom door
from my bedroom side and went to my bed.

My S3x Diary (Episode 8)

I was breathing like I was
running towards the peak of a mountain.
I immediately removed my pant which was completely soaked by then. I
could not control myself and started to rub my cl!ts with a speed like
500 kilometers per hour. As I was already wet and hot from the real
life blue film I just saw, I reached to climax within 10 minutes.

Perhaps, because of what I saw before I went to bed, after I got in
deep sleep, I started dreaming. I was dreaming the whole night seeing
my mother f*cked by my father.
It became so addicted, that I was not missing any chance to see my
parents involved in s3xual activities. Generally they were doing this
three/four time in a week. I have seen them in different positions
which can be seen in any blue film. My dad appeared to be a very good
f*cker and knows very well how to satisfy a woman.

My mother, a good
looking lady with very s3xy figure takes active part in every activity
with my dad. I would often dream of definitely getting married to a
man like my dad.
What I liked the most is that neither my dad nor my mom was and is
having s3xual relationship with no other than themselves. My mom keeps
her p**sy cleanly shaved all the time. I saw that as peeped. I also
once saw my dad shaving her p**sy. My father’s cock is also kept
cleanly shaved. I have seen them in all the position but never seen
him f0cking ass of my mother.

They always like to keep the lights on during s3x, so I am able to see
everything very clearly. They might be thinking that their little
girl, Amaka, is in deep sleep in next bedroom and because of that they
did not bother to lock bathroom door from their side as they were
doing this often after midnight only. At least, that was only when I
was able to see them when I would be home.

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