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My S3x Diary (Episode 6)




Now he was holding my mom’s bum bum with both of his hands and started going in and out of her. He was pulling his cock more than half out of my mom’s p**sy and again inserting it back with full force. My mom’s b00bs were moving forward and backward with strokes of my dad’s cock. I was seeing my mother was being f*cked and I was feeling good about this.
They were saying something to each other which I could not really understand. My father continued to move forward and backward and gradually he was increasing his speed. I promptly remembered how I had earlier told Nancy to go faster when she was eating me. My hands moved toward my p**sy and it was wet again.

My S3x Diary (Episode 7)

I touched my cl!ts and by goodness!! I was about to moan in pleasure but I put my other hand on my mouth and have controlled myself. I removed my hand from my p**sy and saw my father f*cking to my mother (who was in any animal position, as I told you before) like mad man.
His speed of stroking increased so much and suddenly he bent on my mom and took her both the b00bs in his hands. I understood that they have reached to the climax now. Then they slowly lay down on the bed. My mom was lying on the bed on her stomach and my dad above her in the same position and cock of my father was still inside of my mother’s p**sy.
Suddenly, it was like I woke up from a dream and understood the situation. I moved back quietly and closed the bathroom door gently, without any noise. I quietly released the handle, locked bathroom door from my bedroom side and went to my bed. I was breathing like I was running towards the peak of a mountain.

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