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My S3x Diary (Episode 11)




“Uncle! Can I go to my room now?”

“Ok! You may go,” he responded, “but I will wait for you tomorrow night. I will have to talk to you more.”

“Good night uncle,” I quickly muffled. My uncle stood up and hugged me. Kissed me on my cheeks and said, “Good night my baby.” I felt pressure of some hard thing like a rod on my stomach when he hugged me and understood that it was my uncle’s cock. At least by now, I was sure that he is not going to inform anybody. I came to my bedroom and trying to sleep. I could not sleep for a long time.

My S3x Diary (Episode 12)

The next day, I was kind of moody. My mom asked me in the morning what was wrong but I told her that I just didn’t sleep well enough. I went to the school. I was definitely going to talk to Nancy about what happened. I met Nancy and narrated everything. She was quiet for some time and then Amaka said, “Thank you for not mentioning my name. Now the things are open to your uncle, I think he wants to have a s3xual relation with you. The only thing is that you are only 15 and your uncle is a strong matured man. But I think he will take care and will not harm you.”

I didn’t know if Amaka was right or wrong. I returned home after school and was thinking about s3xual relation with my uncle. To be very frank, I was also feeling the need for a male who can satisfy me and if it is uncle, then things will remain in the. Maybe I was stupid, but then my uncle got me with my secret in his hands and I could still feel his rod on my stomach from the previous night.

I have taken my dinner and was waiting my uncle to come to his bedroom. At 11.00 in the night, my parents went to their bedroom and after that I noticed that my uncle entered in his bedroom. I was thinking on whether I should go there directly or I should wait for my uncle’s call. Suddenly, I saw my uncle opening door of my bedroom and whispered, “Hello baby. Are you asleep?”

I got up from my bed and my uncle smiled to see me. We went to my uncle’s bedroom and it was locked from inside by my uncle like the previous night. I don’t know why, but I was kind of thrilled about what was going to happen. I had imagined it all day.

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