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My S3x Diary (Episode 10)




Then he said, “Hey! Look at me. Don’t cry.” He raised his hand and wiped out my tears. He continued, “Answer me clearly. Do you wish that I bring this to the knowledge of your parents?” I responded, sobbing, “No uncle! Please!! Don’t do that. Pleeeeaaase!”

I held my uncle’s hands. He then said, “Ok! I will not inform them, but tell me, since how long have you been doing this.” “Six months,” I replied.

“Oh! That’s quite a long time. Do you understand what they are doing and what you were watching?”

My S3x Diary (Episode 11)

“Yes,” I answered, “they are having s3x. He said, “Ok! But you are a little baby. From where do you know all this?” I thought that I must not involve my friend Nancy in this matter. I must save her neck, as she is my good friend.

I quickly composed a lie. Was it a lie? No, it is partly a lie. I said, “One night, I went to ease myself. Their bathroom door was open and light was coming up to the bathroom. Also some voices coming in and I wanted to know, what was going on at that time of the night. I saw them having s3x and since then, it is regular, two/three times in a week.”

He then asked, how I got to know about s3x. I then narrated how I mistakenly saw a blue film from my mom’s wardrobe.

He then sounded worried, “Do you have any kind of friendship or relationship with any boy?” “No uncle. I do not have any relationship with any boy,” I quickly replied.

He then asked, “How do you sleep after seeing all this?” I retorted, “No uncle!! Please don’t ask me this.” Sensing that I was feeling shy, he said, “Don’t feel shy my baby. Tell me clearly. Don’t treat me as your uncle from now onwards. Treat me like friend. Otherwise I will tell your parents.”

I was like a chicken in the rain, I responded, “I used to satisfy myself with help of my own finger.” His response was surprising. He said, “I am happy that you are not having any s3xual relation with any boy.”

“Uncle! Can I go to my room now?”

“Ok! You may go,” he responded, “but I will wait for you tomorrow night. I will have to talk to you more.”

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