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May Day: Pay cut is illegal-Nigerian workers warn



May Day: Pay cut is illegal-Nigerian workers warn

Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) says its members will not accept a pay cut from the management of any maritime company.

Its President-General, Mr. Adewale Adeyanju, made this known in his May Day speech in Lagos on Friday, adding that workers will not be made to pay for problems they did not create.

Adeyanju added that members of the union would not also accept the lockdown period as their annual leave.

He warned that any move to deduct the salaries, wages, allowances and downsizing of Nigerian workers at this time will be considered illegal and must be resisted, NAN reports.

“Most disheartening at this time is the attempt by some management to cut the salaries, wages and allowances of our members without any probable cause.

“On this matter, we stand with the Nigeria Labour Congress who has acknowledged that despite the known fact that workers produce capital, they are always relegated and at the receiving end.

”We also wish to bring to the public space, attempts by some management to cheat our members by forcing them to convert this lockdown period occasion to their annual leave.

“The union has been informed that some management have issued internal memos to this effect.

“We find it strange that workers will be subjected to punishment for a situation that is entirely out of their control and this we will resist within the ambit of the law.

“As labour leaders, we promise to continue to fight and jealously protect jobs, wages, income, and livelihoods of our members at this trying time.”

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