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Contouring And Highlighting Tutorial For Beginners



Contouring and highlighting are beauty techniques for a more heavy makeup look. The face is an angled structure that can be quite technical to work on. Consequently, this beauty process requires a degreeof care and focus. Watch this video by Youtuber, DarkSkinNextDoor, for a demonstration. Feel free to leave your comments and tips below.

Contouring Vs Highlighting

Contouring And Highlighting Tutorial For Beginners

Basically, contouring and highlighting entails using makeup to enhance your facial features. Note that there is no alternation between the two. In fact, they work in synergy to get the best makeup look. To achieve a sleek result, pay attention to colour detail.

Contouring And Highlighting Tutorial For Beginners

It is important for the shades of product used for both processes complement one another. For highlighting, it is better to use a powder that is 2 shades lighter than your foundation. On the other hand, go 2 shades darker for shadowing. Moreover, take note of the following:

  • Avoid orange-based products if you have a fair complexion #TeamLaiskin
  • Bronze colour goes well with for average skin tone
  • Deeper shades of powder that have red undertones works well for dark skinned beauties.

More importantly, know this, you are beautiful with or without makeup. Regardless of your skin tone, you are a queen. Stay slaying sis.

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