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Lyrically: “Heaven’s Gate” BurnaBoy- Singer’s Truest Thoughts



Burna boy

Burna Boy came back into the music scene with his ‘Outside’ album, Heaven’s gate is one of the many songs in this album. The lyrics of this song holds so much water. Regardless, one might miss if not a deep listener.

The lyrics says quite a lot about the singer’s daily life and what he believes in. The opening of the song is a clear shade to friends who eventually are snakes. This however shows the level of trust he has or offers to friends and colleagues alike.

The singer most likely was sinking deep in emotions when writing this song. The song shows the singer’s deepest thoughts about life and how he sees life. The reactions to betrayals and troubles. Furthermore, the singer clearly sung out his heart in this song.


A paradigm shift from his normal style, the song gives off a fine blend of soothing sounds coupled with the fine voice of Lily Allen. Giving it a pleasant vibe and appeal.

Although with some basic flaws, the singer seemed to have been in a rush, like the lyrics were on fire. Not only that, it made the lyrics appear unimportant and also made the song have a fast tempo. Thereby, making the song lose the deep feeling.


Burna boy

Furthermore, the singer sheds a little light on his life and lifestyle, the mode he is used to and what he believes in. His reactions to certain actions and also what  he has been through.

In all, the song connotes off a high sense of confession of the singer, to let the world know who he truly is.

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