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Lifestyle Qualities That Reflect Riches



Does the thought of constantly chasing more cash leave you stressed, depressed even?

Well,  To live rich You don’t need a man or the right schooling or to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you do need a plan, start thinking for yourself and investing in yourself because that’s going to pay the most dividends later.

Here are Five tips:


Staying true to yourself is one of the satisfying feelings you should experience and being at peace with who you are is the greatest richness of life.

Each morning, tell your reflection that you are going to do yourself the greatest service of being you. This act alone makes me feel happier, regardless of my personal financial situation or lack of ‘status.’

Write down your goals and turn them into an elevator pitch.

To live the life you want, you need to know what it is, so an advice, Create three lists: one for family, another for finances and another for fun. State your goal for the current year, in the near future (years three and five). So it’s about creating your own story and speaking your goals aloud, which makes it much easier to stay focused on them. “Becoming a Rich person is not about deprivation or buying stale bread,” “While some people think they do have goals, they’ll be very surprised when they sit down to actually pen their goal but end up having nothing to write.

Have the new BD rule

Instead of a Black dress, it signifies ‘Budget Diary.” Yes, you need to Keep tabs on small expenditures throughout your day so you can see where the money goes. You can use a notepad or diary.

Ask for a raise and get it.

Find out what people with your experience earn in your industry, so as to come up with a raise request but first, Arm yourself with key examples of your great performance, including how you’ve helped the company. Timing is everything, so asking for a raise after a fantastic job review or a client sings your praises.

Always opt for high-quality goods.

Consider them an investment that you can use for years, ‘the way you look you will be addressed’ this saying goes a long way, my boss told a story about how he got a business deal, just because of the perfume he used.

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