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Lagosians Bomb Ambode Over Sudden Disappearance Of Trailers On Eko Bridge



The decision of Lagos state government to clear off articulated vehicles usually packed at Eko Bridge did not go down well with citizens of the state.

Hitherto, packed trailers on the bridge had been a source of concern to most Lagosian plying the road as their movement is made difficult due to traffic congestion that last hours, making them spend most of their productive hours on the road, helplessly.

However, the state governor in preparation for President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit on Saturday (tomorrow) hurriedly made the impossible possible—using his executive powers to take the trailers off  but this resulted into what citizens described as valuing politics above human life.

Read their reactions below:

@Puremind_ “Driving through Eko bridge down to Alaka through to Stadium and there is no sight of trailers, tankers and containers. Buhari is coming to Lagos all of a sudden there is no tanker on Lagos roads? So there is actually a solution?

@Xantaplus ” Shame on Ambode and the entire Lagos State Government. The rather impossible removal of trailers from Eko Bridge was achieved in less than 24hrs because the President will be in Lagos on Saturday for his campaign. A fate Lagosians suffer daily.”

@Iamilemona “The tankers that have been on Eko Bridge and Ikorodu road have only been cleared on two occasions in more than 1 year. For the Lagos Marathon and for Buhari’s visit on Saturday. These people can solve problems. They just don’t rate you.”

@Davidojo1 “Our government has failed us; Eko bridge suddenly becomes free as Buahri and Osinbajo visit Lagos tomorrow. Who is deceiving who?”

@J_akanchanwa “There is no single tanker parked on western avenue and Eko bridge, so there’s a solution to that menace? Ambode is the only one that can explain what is going on with those tankers.”

@chizxxy “I never knew EKO bridge could breath agaij…. While I understand that the president’s safety is a priorty.. I think the Akinwunmi Ambode is still the worst governor Lagos has ever had.”

@Toyinedu “The people in government don’t really care about us in Lagos. How do you explain the disappearance of all trucks from Eko bridge just 24hrs to the visit of Buhari, imagine the agony we’ve been going through and how all our plea fell on deaf ears.”

@Jude_ice “It’s heartbreaking to know that trucks can leave the Ikorodu road to Eko bridge because the president is coming. Why should the average man suffer these things if it’s possible to clear up?”

@Silvafunmi “Where did all the trucks on Eko Bridge mysteriously disappear to? So because PMB is coming to Lagos, this gets done. Not fair to the good citizens of Lagos.”

@Kenydafynest “Ikorodu road, Eko bridge.. Gosh! So this road could be this free all because Buhari is coming to Lagos tomorrow they cleared the trucks! So there has been a solution all this while! This is really bad.”

@FireOfola “The Government is wicked, so because Buhari will be in Lagos tomorrow they had to move all those trucks away from the bridges and roads leading to Eko Bridge /Funsho Williams Avenue and axis..So where did they automatically keep them? It’s pathetic.”


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