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Lagos residents fear COVID-19 escalation as buses flout transportation guidelines [PHOTOS]



COVID-19: 'No closeness at bus stops' - Lagos lists transport time, guidelines

As Nigeria relaxes the COVID-19 lockdown on Monday (today), DAILY POST has received information that some commercial buses popularly known as ‘Danfo’ have flouted the Lagos state transportation guidelines.

Some Lagos residents on Monday took to their social media pages to lament crowded bus stops and buses.

The popular area with more complaints was Ikorodu. Residents shared pictures of crowded bus stops and buses lamenting the disregard for social distancing.

Most Danfo buses were seen carrying three on each row contrary to the guidelines by the government in order to curb the pandemic.

Recall that the State Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, had announced that all commercial buses known as Danfo should not exceed 60 per cent of their capacity at this difficult time.

He instructed that yellow buses, popularly called ‘Danfo’, must not carry more than eight passengers (two on a row), tricycles are to carry just two passengers at the back.

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“Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Lagos Bus Services Ltd (LBSL) must not convey more than 21 passengers, must not permit standing in their buses and should keep the air-conditioning systems switched off always.

“In the same vein, while private car owners must also observe the physical distancing,” Oladeinde added.

Speaking on the issue, @YemiT44 wrote, “Lagos State government said 60% capacity in Danfo oh which is maximum of nine people. Omo na full load all the way oh. My people let’s stay safe.”

@AndrewsVille404 “Stepped out this morning and saw lapping inside Danfo. Wasn’t it supposed to be 60% capacity? That’s 110% capacity face with tears of joy.”

@Doye09, “No social distancing in the Danfo I entered today, this virus go reach 3000 before next two weeks.”

@Westkin, “They said we should practice social distancing, Danfo conductors are still shouting, “Na five passengers for back”

@Psirmie, “You can never be safe in a Danfo, they already complied to three passengers on a sit. You either use your car, sta at home or trust in your immune system and Insha Allah.”

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@DrZobo, “Today is May, the 4th. Danfo buses are still loading full capacity. Many people are still not wearing nose masks. If you’re not an essential worker, you should stay home. Dear employers, don’t be silly. May God help us as we help ourselves.”

@Iflplease “You all saying Danfo and mask up, have you seen your Ikorodu people? Do people love themselves? This is social distancing in Ikorodu. Lagos is about to get decongested sha.”

@Orebanjotope “Come to Ikorodu garage, both Danfo and former lagbus (red bus) are filled up.”

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