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Kanye West says won’t release music on Sony, Universal anymore



Kanye West has reportedly dropped out of the 2020 presidential race less than two weeks after announcing his bid for the White House.

US born-again rapper, Kanye West, says he will not be releasing new music until Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Universal Music Group, both release him from his contract.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, the controversial West told his fans that there will be no new music from him “till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal”.

“I’m not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal… On God… in Jesus name… come and get me,” he said in a now-deleted tweet.

In the tweets the singer and Presidential aspirant likened himself to the biblical Moses, saying that the music industry and the NBA are “modern-day slave ships”.

“I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony. I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved,” he wrote

“I’m putting my life on the line for my people. The music industry and the NBA are modern-day slave ships I’m the new Moses. I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own.”

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