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Joke Silva: Veteran Actress Discloses Deep Family Secret



Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva shocked many at the recent Annual Conference of Heritage Adoption Support and Advocacy Group (HASAAG) in Lagos. The talented actress revealed she was adopted by late lawyer, Chief E.A. Silva and his wife, Dr Abimbola Silva who was Nigeria’s first female medical doctor.

In her speech, the 56-year-old actress revealed that the fact that she was adopted was kept a secret from her until she accidentally found out from an outsider.

She said,

“I got to know years later when I wanted to travel and was looking for my passport where my mum kept it. Since she was not around, I opened the box in her absence and I saw my adoption papers. I never discussed it with my mum because I felt it was something that would hurt her, that was why, it was kept secret from me.

I remembered going out with my cousin and we met a big cousin. She introduced me as ‘my cousin’s daughter and this is Dr. Silva’s daughter.’ Then, the older cousin was like, ‘Dr. Silva ke? Se Doctor Silva bimo ni? (meaning does Dr. Silva have a child?)

I was so confused and when I got home I told my mum, ‘I met this lady that says you never had a child.’ My mum froze and she said, ‘don’t mind them, they are used to rubbish talk.’

But I had incredible memories of my amazing legal parents for allowing me to do my A Level in England and going to one of the best schools in Bournemouth.”

Kemiashefonlovehaven reports that the actress said before her adoption, she lived in a foster home of the Red Cross in Yaba, Lagos.

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