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I Felt Like I Was Dying-Omoni Oboli Speaks On Lekki Massacre New I Felt Like I Was Dying-Omoni Oboli Speaks On Lekki Massacre 1



Nollywood star Omoni Oboli  opening up on how she feels a week after the Lekki Massacre in Lagos. The TV star in a lengthy post on her Instagram page shared that the shooting has left her emotionally and psychological drained.

Omoni Oboli Speaks On Lekki Massacre

Omoni Oboli Speaks On Lekki MassacreOmoni Oboli shared that she felt like she was dying and has decided to embark on a healing process after days of battling with the ugly memories to avoid worsening her health. She encouraged others battling similar situation to embark on a healing process by reaching out to people for help.

Omoni Oboli encouraged everyone who lost loved ones and propertiers due to the incident ton stay strong and watch God restore all that they have lost.   
She went on to appreciate friends and well-wishers who checked on her during the period while also apologising to those who attempted to reach her but got no response.

‘Healing does not mean the pain stops existing. It means the pain doesn’t control your life anymore’ Omoni Oboli (The Stars Are Ageless) It’s been one week and I’ve been through it all. I’ve been emotionally, psychologically, physically, so violently ill to the point that I’ve puked out bile.

I’ve barely slept in this one week and I’m sure many have felt it or are feeling this way but it’s time for healing. I’ve had to make a conscious decision to start the healing process because staying in this state just triggers more panic and anxiety attacks (I literally felt like I was dying many times)

So I’m starting my healing process and I advice you all to because we are useless to humanity in this state. What we all experienced is very insane and most of us will suffer from ptsd. Right now, self preservation is key. Special thanks to @feladurotoye for all the many sessions. Please talk to someone if you feel overwhelmed. It’s important.

My condolences to everyone who’s dealing with the loss of a loved one right now (aren’t we all? Our brothers and sisters died) God will heal us all. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. The sun will shine again. To all who lost property and livelihood to looters. God sees. He will restore 7 fold! Just watch and see him give you double for your trouble!

To everyone who’s sent messages, emails, tried to call (my phones are off. I’m sorry) I will do my best to respond. You people are amazing. I will bounce back better and stronger! We all will! Shaken but not broken! We will get the Nigeria of our dreams 🇳🇬 I love you all so much 💚

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