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How Domestic Violence Marred The Dreams Of A Budding Star



”My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love is as deep;the more I give to thee. The more I have for both are infinite.” Aminat smiled as she recited her vows to Daniel.

The mutual agreement of an African Muslim and a Danish national, who would have thought love, will blossom so fast? The beautiful love- relationship between Singer Aminat (Not real name) and Daniel (Not real name) became something so admired.

But in this love, a dark secret laid, waiting to unleash its terrors on both of them. Did she see the signs? Or they never surfaced? She never expected what was to happen to their love. Or the realization that her only offspring will follow the trails of the evil that lurked behind closed doors.

The dark secret loomed over their heads as they pretended to live happily ever after. Aminat never mentioned to anyone or even cried out. She thought she might be able to hold up or change him, only if she knew.

In their mansion situated at Ocean Parade Towers in Banana Island, Aminat bore the wrath of Daniel. Their high and mighty neighbors kept mute to the cries and shouts of the Singer. They all turned blind eyes to her cries for help. Greetings are sent with side eyes, looking away from the fact facing them. That this woman was being abused. And it continues until the worst happened.

Their 7 year old marriage finally hit the rocks last year as Daniel as described by Aminat’s father, beat her to coma “I have known my late daughter’s husband for over seven years now. At the outset, he was of good character but last year, he started fighting his wife. Last November, a case was reported at the police station when he beat her to a coma. He then wrote an undertaking that he would never beat her again.”

This act, however did not push Aminat to leave, guess she stood with the belief of “for better or for worse”, “together we die on the line” which sadly happened. Daniel refused to keep his hands to himself. One can never know the countless times the evil that laid in the dark was unleashed on Aminat and the precious seed she bore.

One fateful morning on April 5th, 2018 saw Aminat and her 4 year old breathing their last. The younger sister of the singer narrates the painful ordeal before the death of the singer “It just happened over night when she finished preparing the food for her husband. The housemate went to her room and I was the last person to leave the kitchen. So after a while, there was a fight between both of them and she was just shouting “Help Help!!

“I woke my junior sister up asking her if she heard any noise, later I saw the man hitting her head on the floor. I tried to help but he locked everywhere, there was no way for me to run and call people to come and help. This was around 4am in the morning, by the time we got there later in the morning she was dead.”

How many young budding ladies have lost their lives thinking they can manage the situation or the familiar words of ‘He will change’? Domestic violence is silently creeping into our society, although we are not accepting it open handedly but it is happening.

An actress clearly stated the truth while mourning our beloved Aminat. She said “Forget about what people will say! You can only hear them if you are alive. Believe me, no marriage is worth dying for and nobody is indispensable! Don’t listen to society! Flee!!! If you have kids, take your kids and run!!! Do not ‘stay for the kids’! Even if you survive, they will grow up to hate you for it!”

A wise woman has truly spoken, it is better to be alive and listen to people talk, than dead and not hear people mourn. Known domestic violence cases have continued to be swept away by series of other news. Maybe when majority of women die from broken bones, then we will stand up as a country to fight this evil lurking around us. But till then we send our condolences to our beloved singer’s family. As yet another shooting star drowns in the quiet waters to be heard no more.

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