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How Depression Wrecks The Mind Of Celebrities



It read in the news, “Breaking News: Popular Nigerian Artist Jumps To His Death”. The news became viral few seconds later and sympathy started flying around. Unbeknownst to them the real reason for his actions. The questions hung on the lips of everyone, no one to provide needed answers. The police, however, have gone in search of his body in the deep waters under the bridge.

Recovery by James Arthur was his best song at the moment; it says all he had ever wanted to speak out.  Spoke to his bullies online; it spoke to his haters who use his past to fight him. Only if they knew what he was going through, but his manager says “You got to smile to the cameras, or they going to write something about your mood”. “You put yourself out there; expect the good and the bad”. Yes he is a celebrity, does he deserve cyber bullies? Does he deserve the name calling? No, he feels he is human just like every other person out there.

His manager never noticed what he was reduced to, smiling at the cameras, crying to the bathroom walls. Anyways he decided to man up. On his own terms, “man up to his devils” which meant giving up and suicide. He wrote the note stating he tried to overcome those voices in his head. He tried to stop those bullies but they continued. In all, he decided “enough is enough”, he was going to end this and eventually he did. Now he is just mere news, no more than the sympathies being thrown at his family. The questions keep hanging on thin air, speculations being wrought to justify the death.

Depression, although treatable is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how one feels, the way one acts and thinks. This in some ways causes feelings of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can also lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home. This is also one of the major causes of suicide amongst teens in the society; notwithstanding, adults also go through this illness.

A Fashion designer, Yomi Casual states his experience with depression because of the colour of his skin. His words, “At some point in my life I felt so depressed cos of my skin colour, I tried all I could to tone up but all efforts were futile…..then I realized how special I am. Black is beautiful, Black is bold, Black is sexy! Black is a symbol of national greatness. Keep calm and get married to a black guy!” #word, black is truly beautiful”

Tunji Balogun estranged husband of Singer Tiwa Savage will be remembered to have almost committed suicide late 2016 after the troubles at home. On his Instagram page, he disclosed how long he had been depressed and his decision to end it. “Depression is a state of mind. I can only speak from my own experience. You start losing interest in a lot of things like your normal daily activities and approach to things you do change. It will be difficult for you to sleep and concentrate. Depression has different stages depending on how deep it is.

“A lot of people are depressed, but they don’t know. From your behavioural pattern, you can tell and sometimes depressed people pretend to be the happiest people on earth. You see people smiling but dying inside.
“It got to a point I didn’t want to be around people; I just wanted to be alone. It was so messed up that I wasn’t myself. I was always alone and I tried to use things like alcohol. Depression is a difficult thing and I know many people out there go through it.

Popular comedian, Owen Gee also revealed his personal fight with depression. In his words, “I have had suicidal tendencies,” he said. “Last year, I tried several things, but they did not work out. It was not because the ideas were bad, but the people I was working with just didn’t let them work out. Then anxiety and depression set in.”
“It was then I realized that no drug could calm depression. There was hardly anyone I didn’t take. There was a time I was sleeping on drugs. Similarly, there was a particular yellow tablet that, if I took it on Tuesday, on Wednesday I would only be prompted to barely wake up, eat and go back to sleep even before I finished eating. I would not wake up until Thursday.”

All these stories prove one truth that celebrities are humans and also have blood running through their veins. Artists, actors and anyone can fall into depression; however, there are certain actions that can lead to this illness. Regardless of the fact that celebrities are public figures, they are also humans with feelings. How Nigerians seem to think they have superpowers or are immune to insults thrown at them, baffles the mind.

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