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Harmful Ghetto Slang In Nigeria



Let’s be real, we at times get carried away and use the trending slang either to abuse or to hail somebody, even when the actual meaning is unknown and we all know that slang changes almost too fast to keep up with.

So many new slang words are floating in these days, thanks to our obsession with texting, a lot of abbreviations have become common words we use to interact facially. However, some slang words are harmful to the proper development  of little children, who listen and learn from Adults.

Majority of these cants emanate from music artistes and regular street conversations.

They include but not limited to:

  • Oshosondi: You probably know it’s one of the popular slang in Nigeria, like my friend will say ‘osho sho sho’. it talks about ‘prostitutes’ but people fail to stick to the meaning, instead, they attach another meaning to it. imagine a girl passing by, a guy calls out ‘oshosondi wait’ what do you think her reaction will be, after knowing the meaning of the word he used?
  • Puna: This is really offensive because it is referring to the private part of a female, still, in the ghetto world they don’t care, as long as its a slang, it’s okay.
  • O sha Pra Pra: Trust me, if you go to parties, you will continually hear it, it is trending and selling. No one knows the meaning, we all have different meaning, ‘could be unreasonable could be reasonable’.
  • Omo Wobe: This is more annoying than oshosondi;  Omo Wobe is used to describe  girls who can do hard drugs without blinking an eye,  ladies who wouldn’t think twice before going to bed with married, Omo Wobe in general street sense refers to women who ensure breaking men’s heart.
  • Yahoo Yahoo: You can say ‘Mo Fe Sha She’, it’s a Yoruba word, addressing the Yahoo boys that work mostly at midnight not during day light. Recalling, a few months back a video of a young boy was posted and when asked what he wanted to be in the future, he kept on hammering on ‘Yahoo’ as if that’s a job.
  • Codeine Diet: The street got this, drug abuse you can call it. Lazy Nigerian youth will walk up to you and tell you up front there is no harm taking codeine, it cures cough, it strengthens, it’s relaxing etc.
  • Gboja Sara: Yoruba slang meaning ‘person whey carry heavy load’ well if you thinking about girls who have big ass or bigger boobs? it is referring to them, don’t think too far.

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