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Easter: CAN Kaduna chapter calls for more sacrifice from Nigerians



Easter: CAN Kaduna chapter calls for more sacrifice from Nigerians

Kaduna state chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, has called on Christians in the state and the country at large to exhibit the love, care and sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross to change homes, Church, communities and the nation at large.

He said, “As Christians, we are expected to love, care and make sacrifices that will change our homes, Churches, communities and Nation at large. No sacrifice is too much for the good of all mankind.

“Jesus Christ our example accepted the pains and suffering of the cross to make our lives better and give us hope and assurance of salvation and eternity for mankind.”

In this year’s Easter message to Christians in the country, Rev. Hayab noted that Easter celebration at a time when the world was battling coronavirus calls or more sacrifices from everyone.

“This year Easter has come at a time the global community is facing one of her devastating pandemics with over one and a half million people being infected with coronavirus all over the world and almost 300 of them are in Nigeria. There are many records of people who have died and some recovering. This calls for more sacrifices from all of us as citizens of this great country. Sacrifice to stay at home and stay safe. Sacrifice to observe social and physical distancing.”

Rev. Hayab said obeying guidelines for washing of hands and all advice given by the government committee on COVID-19, health workers and NCDC takes sacrifice.

. “It takes sacrifice and discipline to strictly follow the guidelines but it is profitable for us if we follow them,” he advised.

Accordingly, he said that CAN Kaduna state wishes again to acknowledge the sacrifice made by the health workers, security agencies, government officials, religious leaders and all stakeholders have been making since the challenge.

“We wish to sincerely appeal to all citizens to redouble the sacrifices they are making to help restore good health and good living in our society. Easter would have been meaningless without Jesus’ sacrifice,” he appealed.

He added, “We are therefore using this medium to call on all faith leaders irrespective of our faith, traditions and identity to intensify prayers for our country, our leaders, health workers and those enforcing the lockdown orders for God to protect them and grant us victory over COVID-19.

“Though our state and some other states in Nigeria will be observing these Easter ceremonies at home because of the lockdown, may we see it as our sacrifice for the well-being of Nigeria and rejoice because we are doing an act of sacrifice that will please Jesus our chief celebrant at Easter.

“May God accept our sacrifices, heal all patients of COVID-19 and restore peace and stability in our country and the whole world at this Easter.”


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