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Drug Addiction: Risk In Taking It



When you’re addicted to drugs, you stand a chance of risking your life span. Being addicted is taking legal or illegal substances for granted, in ways that you shouldn’t. Addiction starts from abuse. Most people abuse drugs when they want to ease themselves from stress. I have a friend who takes it when he is angry and wants to be calm, some to avoid whatever is going on around them and some take it just to feel good. Everyone abusing drugs with their different reasons on why they do it and how they started taking drugs. Addiction is when you find it very hard to stop or rather when you cannot stop at all. There are so many risk in being addicted to anything, like we all say, “too much of everything isn’t good”. That’s correct but there some certain things one shouldn’t dare to try going into unless there will be several damages before you can realize it’s too late to be saved.

Let’s look into the risk of being addicted to drugs:

  • You stand a chance of putting your health in danger
  • It can leave you financially traumatised because you’re certainly going to use your money to buy the drugs you’re addicted to and begin to borrow and be in debt because you cannot pay up.
  • Emotionally, you will be disturbed and get to disturb people around you. You would drive a lot of people away from you and loved ones might be scared of what the outcome of your behaviour would be.
  • Drugs has a big effect on the brain especially when you get addicted to one. They flood your brain with dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain. You see that virtually everything you do is controlled by the intake of drugs. Sometimes, you’re just not in control of your actions.
  • At the point where your brain gets used to these drugs, you may need to take more of it to feel good.


There is more to being addicted to drugs than what I wrote. You know, most people who we find as an addict started in bitter ways or reasons some of us might not take as a big deal. We have little children who become addict as they grow up because they sourced out drugs to keep them in order when they have trouble paying attention or they worry constantly or rather, they’re depressed. They turn to drugs because they find it hard sharing their problems with family and close relatives or find themselves in the midst of bad companies. Some addicts grew up in very bad surrounding and bad relationships with daddy and mommy.

When caught up with situations like this, it’s advised you get someone to talk to, a doctor, a counselor or maybe consider opening up to an elder sibling or parent.


Here are some signs that can help you on check if you’re becoming an addict

  • One of the most important sign to check is that which you feel sick trying to quit taking this drug of yours. This is because your body is already becoming part of it.
  • All you want to do is spend money on buying drugs than buying food to eat or personal things for your daily hygiene
  • You would rarely take care of yourself or put importance on how you look, unless you’re compelled to.



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