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COVID-19 lockdown: Kaduna residents storm mini-markets, flout social distancing order



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Kaduna State residents were in various mini-markets nearer to their homes in search of foodstuffs despite the social distancing and lockdown orders on Saturday.

Though, main markets were locked and keyed, however market women were seen displaying their foodstuffs at the market gates, road junction, and other strategic areas for hungry buying residents.

Foodstuffs and ingredients like yam, beans, garri, onions, dried fish and some others were displayed openly.

Though, curfew order was still in place with only Tuesdays and Wednesdays temporary lifting of curfew by the state government, many residents expressed fear of hunger and decided to flout the order, searching for foodstuffs and means of livelihood.

Already, prices of those foodstuffs have increased abnormally, but many hungry residents still rushed to buy them.

Though security operatives were placed in strategic locations, many residents have defied security checks and rushed to were they can buy foodstuffs for their various families.

Some residents, who spoke to DAILY POST on Saturday in some mini-markets within Kakuri-Kaduna, said they were tired staying at home with their children hungry.

A 40-year-old Joseph Onuche whose wife died last year, and has five children, said he feeds his children from money realised from Okada. Now that Okada was banned, they only manage to eat through the help of friends and neighbours.

Mrs. Cecilia Abimaje lamented that life is no longer worth living, adding that she had begged from family, friends and relations to feed her two children, but do not know where to go again.

” My friends and relations have tried their best. They have been helping me since the lockdown. It’s a great shame to continue going to someone who has helped you within a month. I can’t go to them again, and I have nowhere to go for assistance anymore.
Churches that have been helping me in the past have closed down. It’s better, I leave this world,” she explained tearfully.

However, in some remote villages like trikania, Angwa tarke, Nassarawa, Television, Okada riders were seen doing skeletal services at the detriment of security operatives.

Already, Kaduna state government has sets up Mobile Court to try lockdown violators.

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