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Corporate Rules For Dating Co-Workers



Are you confused about dating at work? Do you have someone at work you’ve been eyeing? well, there are times in life when love struck you had, without warning. The heart chooses unexpectedly, but ask yourself this question, Can you handle been rejected? Can you handle seeing him at the office every day?

If yes, then date away, The most common work-based relationships is that of the boss with his secretary but there are many other examples. Work-based relationships aren’t always superficial and it is almost inevitable that at some point in your career you’ll develop a crush on someone at work.

Here are some tips to help make sure you don’t end up wanting to resign if dating a colleague doesn’t work out:

  • Be discreet and never discuss the details of your dates with other work colleagues
  • Communicate to build a better relationship
  • Study him or her as a person
  • Use eye contacts, its romantic
  • Don’t have sex on the first date

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