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CBD Flowers And How They Affect Your Experience



CBD Flowers And How They Affect Your Experience

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been one of the most talked-about topics across many blogs and media outlets. There is no doubt that this natural compound has gained a lot of attention due to its many medicinal benefits. One of the most common medicinal benefits of CBD is relief from anxiety. Others include pain management, enhancing sleep quality, improvement in mood, and reducing inflammation, etc.

Today, there are several CBD products such as CBD buds, edibles, tinctures, etc. that are produced to help consumers have an amazing experience.

In this post, we will be breaking down the different CBD flowers and how they may affect your experience.


CBD buds are flowers produced by female cannabis plants. This plant is scientifically referred to as c.sativa L but commonly referred to as CBD or hemp in layman’s terms. While the cannabis plant is the only species in existence, it includes 3 extremely polymorphic strains or varieties. These varieties are the ruderalis, cannabis indica, and sativa. The process responsible for the creation of these subspecies is sophisticated interbreeding which created the chemical variance and phenotypic variations in these strains.

Every c.sativa L. strain constitutes of over 100 unique metabolites such as terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that are present in feminine inflorescences.

The most common subspecies of the cannabis plant are indica and sativa. Visit Berkshire CBD online to learn more.


One of the differences between the appearance of sativa and indica cannabis strains is the leaves. The color of the latter is a darker green when compared to the former. Secondly, the leaves of Cannabis Sativa are thinner and longer than that of Cannabis Indica.

The next significant difference between the appearances of both strains is the buds. The buds of the c. sativa plant are reddish-orange in color and wispy and long in appearance. However, those of the indica flowers are packed and tight in appearance and dense purple in color.


There are several CBD end products on the market today. However, the most consumed are CBD buds. One of the reasons for this is that it allows a variety of consumption methods including bong smoking, blunt rolling, vaping, joint, etc. Another reason that CBD buds are a favored cannabis product for users is that their effects on the body are almost instantaneous after ingestion. This is because CBD buds contain the most highly concentrated and unadulterated form of Cannabidiol of any CBD product.

However, the effects experienced by individuals may vary due to several factors such as the dosage consumed and the sensitivity of the individual’s ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

Users that like smoking CBD buds will not have to spend much to prepare their joint as rolling papers are quite affordable. Users who prefer blunting will have to be mindful of the nicotine residue that may be left in the cigarette wrapper.

Finally, although CBD bud strains vary in appearance and chemical constituents, they are highly beneficial to enhance the overall wellbeing of the user.


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