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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson makes first public appearance after battle with Coronavirus



Coronavirus: British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson discharged from hospital

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Monday made his first public appearance in nearly a month, after battling the deadly Coronavirus.

DAILY POST reported that the UK Prime Minister was admitted following the advice of his doctor as he continued to show persistent symptoms of the virus.

He was later released from intensive care where he was receiving treatment for Coronavirus.

Following his recovery and after testing negative for the virus, he was discharged from the hospital.

The Prime Minister In a statement outside his Downing Street office, said ”Britain is beginning to turn the tide in tackling COVID-19.”

However, he didn’t indicate any immediate lifting of the lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, on Sunday, confirmed 91 new cases of Coronavirus in the country.

As at 11:50 pm, 26th April, 1,273 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Nigeria; 239 have been discharged with 40 deaths.


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