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Boroffice Vs Segun Abraham: Playing Ludo With 2020- Dare Ayoola



Boroffice Vs Segun Abraham: Playing Ludo With 2020- Dare Ayoola

Engr. Ife-Oluwa Oyedele

When I listened to Segun Abraham on the widely circulated clip of the interview he granted on TVC, I was not impressed at all with his posture even as he struggled with his flawed tenses.

He directed his uncoordinated anger at Alhaji Olanusi and Chief Oke, SAN to the extent that he muddled up the point he was trying to make when he referred to the duo as people without any means of livelihood.

That was off point! The whole world knows Oke is a lawyer, he has a thriving legal practice that is active and flourishing modestly. Baba Olanusi is a senior citizen and a former Deputy Governor who by reason of his age should be at home waiting for his departure date. “Dr” Segun Abraham dramatised and acted with the furry of a motor-park elder. His behaviour on TVC was without leadership candour. His appearance was also not gubernatorial.

Away from his shortcomings, let us do a quick review of the diverse interests between Segun Abraham, Senator Boroffice and Ife Oyedele, the three major voices that were very loud in protest against the adoption of Chief Olusola Oke, SAN as the candidate of the Unity Forum.

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Senator Boroffice wants to install Dapo Adelegan, a Lagos base business man who is barely known in Ondo state. Dapo was the technocrat Professor Ehindero, the crony of Senator Boroffice and the secretary of the Unity Forum Adhoc committee that selected Oke, voted for but was afraid to pronounce his name.

So, the major reason Senator Boroffice is making so much noise is because of his candidate, Dapo Adelegan. That is the reason he programmed Segun Abraham, Adelani, Ife Oyedele and Bukola Adetula to protest against the decision of the Unity Forum.

Senator Boroffice is not doing it just because he wants an Akoko man to become the governor. He only wanted to install a stranger and become the sole kingmaker.

In all these equations, Dapo Adelani is banking on Senator Boroffice, Segun Abraham is dropping the name of Asiwaju Tinubu, as his promoter while Ife Oyedele is flaunting his visceral relationship with President Buhari, a man he has not seen in the last four years. He has added the prediction of Primate Olabayo to the bag of assurances he parades.

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Olusola Oke, is busy moving up and down within the state talking to the people of the state across the 18 local government area of the state.

With what is happening, it is not difficult to see through the veil of protests of these jesters who are afraid of contest but find comfort in dropping the names of the big people in Abuja and Lagos. They should be told that the people of Lagos and Abuja deserve to be allowed to have their peace. Enough of name dropping.

But wait, why the noise about Unity Forum? Can’t they forge ahead with their campaign? But how come, I learnt Segun Abraham complained that he lost the endorsement of Unity Forum because he could not give #50 million bribe. Somebody that has boasted he has so much money, please free me joo.

Whichever, Senator Boroffice is about to announce the name of his jambito candidate – Dapo Adelegan.

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Baba should be prepared for a round defeat if he brings this unknown name, not even in Owo his known place of origin.

You can never play the game of Ludo with the devil and win. That is the case between Segun Abraham, Senator Boroffice and Ife Oyedele.

Dare Ayoola

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