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Anambra govt condemns criminalization of state’s COVID-19 index case



Anambra govt condemns criminalization of state's COVID-19 index case

The Anambra State Government has condemned the open criminalization of the state’s COVID-19 index case

A press statement by the state information commissioner, Mr C. Don Adinuba decried various social media publications, which identified the patient and called on people to distance themselves from him.

Recall that communities in the state also made press releases disclaiming the patient as their Indigene.

But Adinuba responding, condemned the publications, saying that the patient needs the support of all to remain emotionally balanced for treatment to continue.

He urged those unveiling his identity to cease doing so, as it was against medical best practices in handling the disease.

Part of the release read, “Anambra state government has noted with dismay the sudden appearance of propaganda materials against the person purported to be the state’s coronavirus index case.

“The materials, including social media broadcasts, began to emerge within 24 hours after the state recorded its index case on Friday, April 10.

“The materials are slanderous and violate all known medical ethics. They were obviously made by persons who want to raise a false alarm and create panic everywhere. The state government has not revealed the name of the index case, nor have the hospital authorities where he is receiving treatment now or has been treated in recent times. Therefore, the identity revealed on the social media broadcasts is merely speculative.”

Adinuba said the state is poised to give the patient the best of treatment, saying “No COVID-19 patient anywhere has received the kind of attention given to Anambra’s index case.”

He urged all not to fear, saying that COVID-19 is no death sentence and that its mortality rate is far less than that of Lassa fever, which he said was taken care of in the state two months ago.

He stated further, “To repeat the obvious, Anambra’s COVID-19 index case does not deserve the kind of publicity he is receiving, nor is he deserving of the opprobrium which his detractors want him to go through.

“His privacy must be respected. He is a law-abiding citizen, a philanthropist and a major investor in key sectors of the state. He needs peace, cooperation, emotional stability and prayers from all and sundry, apart from sound medical attention.

“Of course, he is getting excellent attention in one of the finest protection centres in the state. We are proud we built the first protection centre, otherwise known as isolation centre, which meets the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. We have also trained the personnel, including cleaners, to manage COVID-19 cases professionally.”

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