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After Graduation, Students Should…..



What are your plans after graduation? Do you know life after school is tougher? Your graduation ceremony signifies the end of an era and the start of something new but you may be left wondering, ‘what next?’

There are a number of different routes to take as you contemplate what to do after university.

Four things advisable you do after graduating from University:

Get a graduate job

The majority of new graduates will be looking for a job. Your first port of call should be your university careers service,’ NYSC’,most universities provide support for post-graduates.

Although, Finding a job can take a while but you should always check out sites for getting a job for more guidance.

Also, remember that your first job doesn’t tie you to a particular career forever, so don’t be too cautious about widening your search for graduate job.

Most importantly, you should be careful not to allow a gap to develop on your CV, as potential employers may question it later at interviews. If you’re struggling to find a job straight after graduation fill your time with internships.

Pursue postgraduate study

An alternative option is to return to university to study at postgraduate level. However, you’ll need to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons.

‘If you have a real desire to study a particular aspect of your undergraduate course in more depth, then postgraduate study is the answe.

Find out more about postgraduate study and then search for courses. To broaden your experience and cultural horizons you may also want to consider studying abroad.

Note, Courses are expensive and unnecessary for certain jobs. Before committing to postgraduate study make sure you have valid reasons for doing so and research course and institution options thoroughly.

Become self-employed

Sometimes you need to think outside the box a little. Perhaps you have a great business idea or believe that your final-year project has commercial potential. If so putting your entrepreneurial skills to the test could be a smart move.

If you have the confidence, tenacity and business acumen to get your organization off the ground, then why wait? Start from somewhere. However, don’t expect not to fail.

Failure is part of life.

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