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Latest Aknara Styles

African Jumpsuit: 30 Latest Ankara Jumpsuit Styles (Updated)




It’s time for some African Jumpsuit, or otherwise, some beautiful Ankara jumpsuit styles 2019 loved 🙂

Every woman loves Fashion and especially when you can make it simple yet classy. Explore Ankara’s designs to the fullest ladies. What can go wrong with a well-tailored Ankara jumpsuit, It’s is a classy and convenient one-piece outfit.

Ankara jumpsuit can go for any look you want, either professional, casual or that cocktail party you have this weekend. Show them what’s trending with this list of latest Ankara jumpsuit pictures in 2019.

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Let’s get your jaw dropping with this latest gorgeous Ankara jumpsuits.

1. Bell Sleeve Jumpsuit With Bootcuts

Image: @styleciti_ng // Instagram

Another trendy jumpsuit style to have this 2020, quite an interesting combination of bell sleeve to match with a boot cut all in one piece.

2. Pencilled Jumpsuit With Alter Neck

latest jumpsuit
Image: @oliveankara // Instagram

Keep drama out your jumpsuit with this simple style, just the right kind of jumpsuit you need to stand out at an elaborate party.

3. Wrap Around Jumpsuit

Image: @mchutx // Instagram

Another exotic jumpsuit style that requires less time for your tailor to recreate for you.

4. Classy Tub Palazzo Jumpsuit

Image: @jumpsuitdiary // Instagram

This very classic Ankara jumpsuit is a must-have for every party rocker, its convenient, simple and classy with or without the gele adorned with it.

5. Bell Hand Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Image: @ankara_obsession_ // Instagram

This is how you grace a wedding without making noise but instead, you make a statement. This elegant bell hand jumpsuit is all you need to slay.

6. Bishop Neck Elegant Ankara Jumpsuit

Image: @ankara_obsession_ // Instagram

This elegant bishop neck is a must-have for every classy chic coupled with headgear to add class and glamour to the look, you can easily pair it with heels or nice sneakers to complete the look.

7. Simple Palazzo jumpsuit

latest jumpsuit style
Image: @yvonnepearson // Instagram

This simple very free and convenient Ankara palazzo jumpsuit can be rocked to any event depending on how it’s been worn and the event its been worn too.

8. Offshoulder Lagbaja Jumpsuit

latest jumpsuit style
Image: @nyahaveli // Instagram

This bossy and stylish Ankara jumpsuit can be worn casually but when prepped with a nice pair of heels, you can wear it all kinds of events.

9. Creative Wrap Ankara Jumpsuit

Ankara Jumpsuit
Source: Dezangohub

Every lady should have this jumpsuit tuck among important Ankara outfits, you can easily put on this one-piece style and have a great day with, easy to dance in and does adds some confidence to a ladies’ look if we must say.

10. Juka Baggy Jumpsuit

Image: @oliveankara // Instagram

Another simple style of jumpsuit you have to consider sewing, it’s less dramatic and also very fascinating.

11. Button Up Jumpsuit

Image: @diyanu // Instagram

Button up styles are not getting the attention they should and we think they are appropriate for Friday work outfit or formal events.

12. Alter Neck Ankara Jumpsuit

Jumsuit style
Source: Click042

We do not think anything can go wrong when you are wearing a jumpsuit style like that, it’s simple and interesting.

13.Ankara Jumpsuit With Waist Layers

Jumpsuit styles
Source: Click042

Check out the new way to rock those jumpsuits, stylish and definitely perfect for all occasions.

14. Pocket Jumpsuit With Materially Sleeves

Jumpsuit idea
Image: @jumpsuitstyles // Instagram

The perfect jumpsuit for any occasion, nothing too dramatic about it but still beautiful regardless. The sleeves can be a complete Ankara but we think the material added to it gave it a different unique look.

15. Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit ideas
Image: @jumpsuitstyles // Instagram

A combination of sexy and some class, some styles really do not need too much and this is an example of simple but beautiful.

16. Cross Ankara Jumpsuit

15 latest ankara jumpsuits
Image:@ houseofkosahg // Instagram

This jumpsuit is suitable for all occasions, it is modern and convenient. the belt can be included or ignored whichever suits you best.

17. Conventional Ankara Jumpsuit

15 latest ankara jumpsuits
Image:@claturally// Instagram

This is indeed conventional and definitely an easy to rock outfit. The freehand adds a classy stylish look to it.

18. Short-Sleeved Ankara Jumpsuit

15 latest ankara jumpsuits
Image:@winnie-baddy- // Instagram

This is a simple yet fashionable jumpsuit style, it is trendy and classy all rolled in one.

19. Mini Jumpsuit With One Flair Sleeve

15 latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@mayeb-kloden// Instagram

This mini flair jumpsuit is easy to rock for a casual evening date. It is smart and convenient and leaves you smiling in comfort.

20. Ankara Jumpsuit In Shorts

15 latest ankara jumpsuits
Image:@carrie_mcluvin // Instagram

This is a jumpsuit with a stylish appearance that comes with an impeccable taste for fashion lovers.

21. Flair Hand Ankara Jumpsuit

15 latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@lilaz_closet jumpsuit // Instagram

Do you have a passion for simple and trendy? then this design is for you.

22. V-neck Ankara Jumpsuit

15 latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@fabricstudiobj // Instagram

Fashion keeps getting interesting. This simple yet modern jumpsuit can be worn for any occasion of your choice.

23. Fashionista Jumpsuit Ankara With Tie

15 latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@karisdesigns // Instagram

This is sure every fashion lover outfit. It has a formal appeal to it and can be rocked as Friday office wear.

24. Jumpsuit With Thin Strap

15 latest african jumpsuit
Image:@fashionafricana jumpsuit// Instagram

Lighten the mood up ladies with this thin strap jumpsuit. It is savvy and comfortable.

25. Off Shoulder Ankara Jumpsuit

15 latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@ankara_aso_ebi_styles// Instagram

This is an Ankara jumpsuit that is suitable for all flexing. Has a classy appeal to it.

26. Ankara Jumpsuit With Belt Waist

15 latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@ hibee_collections // Instagram

This is African women chic and classy all in one-piece. The belt at the waist adds to its beauty.

27. Ankara V-necked Collar Jumpsuit

latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@3sixtyfabrics_ jumpsuit // Instagram

Modern Ankara keeps getting better and more creative. This Ankara with v-neck and collar can be worn irrespective of the occasion.

28. The Dinma Ankara Jumpsuit

latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@soliancollections jumpsuit// Instagram

Get this fashionistas dinma jumpsuit and add it to your Ankara collections soon, it is a modern style that should not be ignored.

29. Drawstring Jumpsuit

latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@ alexairoclothing jumpsuit// Instagram

The drawstring Ankara jumpsuit has a string that can be adjusted and it accentuates your lovely shoulder. It also gives an option of a belt.

30. Savvy Ankara Jumpsuit

latest ankara jumpsuit
Image:@intenze_b_fashiion jumpsuit // Instagram

What can go wrong when you know your fashion and you rock them well. Add this simple style to your wardrobe soon ladies.

Reality is that fashion will only get better, more creative and definitely more interesting. Jumpsuits are interesting outfits that are going to be slaying for a very long time. Follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija to see more Ankara styles.

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