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9 Signs He’s Not Enjoying What You Are Doing In Bed



S3x is about pleasure, but if you are someone who likes to try something new with your man but then you should also keep an eye out for signs to know if he is not really feeling it and he might be too nice to actually tell you, but these signs should let you know it is time to put a stop to whatever you are doing and go about pleasing your partner in a different way.

Here are 9 signs he is not into your moves.

It’s a flop: “The most obvious sign of them all, when the male member is unable to stand to attention, then you really have to question whether he’s enjoying what’s going on; of course, there is a whole host of reasons for a limp member or male impotence”.

Watching the box. If the TV gets turned on every time sex is mentioned and porn is hastily played on it from the very start of proceedings, then it may be to distract rather than complement. He may be so bored of having sex with you that he needs the porn to excite him enough to get through it. Not the greatest of situations, and one that requires immediate action by your good self to correct.

Suggestive behaviour: “Do you find that he’s always suggesting new things to do in the bedroom?maybe you’ve tried these once or twice, or maybe you’ve just outright dismissed the idea but if he keeps on asking, then it’s because he’s trying to save the physical side of your relationship from the state it’s currently in – and he should be applauded for that”.

Action man: “Is it the case that during the s3xual act, he always tries to take over?maybe you try to give him oral s3x, and instead of leaving you to it as you’d expect, he starts dictating method, pace, and technique; perhaps you try a reverse cowgirl or other moves that makes you the more active partner, and he just throws you off and places you in a position that puts the reins back in his hands instead”.

The eyes have it: “Always got his eyes closed during s3x? That’s probably because he’s trying to visualize a s3xual situation that actually excites him enough to get him through the tedious affair that s3x has almost certainly become and you need to find a way to open them again”.

Avoiding the issue: “Another sign, almost as obvious as the first on this list, is an avoidance both of s3x itself and s3x as a subject; if he’s always trying to move on to a different topic whenever s3x enters the discussion, then he probably just isn’t into it with you anymore”.

The great escape: “This sign describes a quick exit on your lover’s behalf at the conclusion of s3x rather than prior to it, but similar because they both have occurred for the same reason – the fact that he just hasn’t enjoyed himself; he has functionally gone through the motions, done his duty, so to speak, and now just wants to distance himself from the scene of the grime and of course, there may be other real reasons for a swift departure, such as putting out a fire or getting back to work before the boss notices he’s missing, but as a regular occurrence, you need to be thinking about the possibility that maybe you’re not quite as much a sizzling s3x bomb as you thought”.

Seeking aid: “If he can’t get through the act without utilizing a s3xual aid of some kind, then he’s almost certainly struggling to raise an interest in you and/or the way you perform”.

Off to nod: “If it needs to be explained that your partner suddenly falling asleep mid-act is a bad sign, then it’s not so much relationship advice that you need rather than a heavy dose of common sense; it’s time to wake up”.

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