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8 Lazy Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Works



Now, everyone irrespective of their weight or body size want’s to still loose some fats or maintain their body fittings. Certainly, they want to but at the same time, most of us are too lazy to go on diet training, or go to the gym or too lazy to do some yoga or aerobics. You need not to worry because there’s actually what I call the lazy work outs that would help improve your weight loss. Try out these few simple workouts for you and thank me later because you don’t have to stress at all to have a maintained body figure.

First of all, for those of you who are too lazy to get up early in the morning to go to the gym, or you’re just too tire to put on your track suit for a walk or jug in the morning, duo up. What i mean by that is, plan a day or days to the gym with someone; your friend, spouse, sister, brother, anyone. This way, the both of you get to motivate each other by not delaying your movement to the gym. Though it might be delayed, you also still get  to go to the gym instead of postponing or giving up.

When you go to work or go to the lecture room and after some moments you’re hungry, trust me when i say you will be forced to buy what you don’t want to eat like junk foods or unhealthy foods that will increase your weight gain. What then do you do? Now, this is the second step. Let me introduce you to “food prep” food prep just takes your time for a day. Get yourself a day in a week, preferably the weekend, to prepare a healthy meal that would go round on the days of your working or schooling hours. Put them in a pack and store inside a fridge, take one out and warm up if need be and go away. When you are hungry, instead of buying an unhealthy snack, you’ve got some delicious healthy meal in your bag to chow up.

I’m sure you’ve heard what bed exercise is called, and if not let me shed some more light to it. When you wake up in the morning, before standing up from your bed, do some exercise. Not the regular exercise though, I mean: playing with your legs, stretching your body, etc. It is a daily routine you know.

Save your shorts: By this, i mean those shorts that you love so much that are no longer your size and all, instead of trashing them or giving them out, you could keep them. The love of it would make you want to loose some of your fatty diets and exercise more just to want to fit in them again. There you have it, no need to stress, just save those shorts.

Replace fatty foods with healthy foods. I guess this is self explanatory. There are chocolates that can make you loose weights, there are some with very low calories. Why not buy them instead of the normal MARS, to save you from adding more fats in you. Instead of a plain noodles, try out noodles with a lot of veggies and so on. Just be sane in health.

We over react when we think we are hungry but actually, we ain’t. drink a large glass of water 20mins after you eat because as it settles in your stomach, you’ll kind of feel less hungry. Sometimes, we are only thirsty but don’t know that till we drink water.

Get a note. This is to help you write down how you felt after you cheated. I mean, it is normal for us to cheat when we are on diet. Like we get to lick ice cream or eat pizza when we shouldn’t or even have that sugary chocolate bar when we should be busy with our cabbage. Write down how you felt after eating these things you shouldn’t. Did you feel guilty, or great, sluggish and all? when you write it down, it could be a great caution sign to stop you from doing that again.

Finally, you need to put that phone on hold. Lol… I can feel someone checking their phone to see if ever they were on a call. No, I’m not talking of now. You know when that special someone calls you and you’re sure you’re gonna spend up to and hour or more on the phone? yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Put on your walking shoes and step out of the house, talk a walk for as long as you’re on the phone and by the time you’re back, you’ll find out you have lost some calories… yippee, there is a happy and healthier you.

If you’ve got any more lazy tricks you think can work, which wasn’t mentioned, share your comments below. Who knows, you’ll be helping someone. WINK.



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