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5 Things You Don’t Know About People With Special Needs



Special needs in a child, are what a child can’t do by themselves without help such as by dressing up, reading & writing, sport activities etc.  These situations can hit families hard and may make “special needs” seem like a tragic designation to them especially in the African setting.

Some parents automatically see it as a curse and as such families with these kids are either harassed or denied the opportunity to mingle or have certain experiences.

Some parents will already start to mourn the child even while alive, they see them as not existing and valueless and so they don’t even see a need for them to be educated or have any social life. They keep them away from their peer and away from the world.

I advise parents in this situations to look beyond the conditions and see other  potentials and strength their kids have otherwise the condition will become more troubling with time.

Here are 5 hidden potentials of kids with special needs,

They have the ability to;

  • Love: They have a strong ability to love anyone regardless of how the other party reacts towards them.
  • Self-Care; This set of people care about themselves a lot, they are always conscious of their looks. They never really want to look bad at all.
  • Independent living: They try to do things for themselves most times especially when help is out of reach e.g eating, singing, writing, dancing.
  • Receptive and Expressive language: They are very expressive in their emotions, and are very open to correction.
  • Learning/Retention: They are very receptive and never forget things easily e.g images, events, videos and sound, but this might be done slowly.

In our next article I would be sharing the signs of a child with special needs.

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I love you and don’t forget “Every Child is a Gift”

Writer: Tobi Adeniran (Founder; The Mediators Initiative NGO)

IG: @themediatorsinitiative

Written on 16/03/2017

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