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5 Things To Avoid In An African Home



In African Homes, a lot of drama is involved, a different parent with a different attitude, training their children in an unbelievable but educative way. There are things you want to avoid in your African home so as to avoid punishment and talking about punishment, the method of causing pain is a smarter plan from any parent.

The following are things to avoid:

  • Never serve an African parent with your left hand: most parents see that behaviour has rude, uncalled for, the Yorubas especially believes right hand giving is a sign of respect and home training.
  • Make sure not burn The Food You Cooking: A hungry man is an angry man, I remember when my dad got back from work and he was starving, I told him the food was on fire while l was watching a movie, the food got burn, and l got the beating of my life. Food is not to be wasted is an important fact.
  • Don’t try to prove them wrong when an African Parent is advising You: They believe they are smarter and wiser than you and they have passed through thick and thin, so trying to prove them wrong or changing their perspective is a bad idea, Just listen.
  • Make sure not to lie when you don’t have a backup plan: Parents, in general, are observant, be careful not disappoint them in any way.
  • Bringing home a bad result from school: It could be from your result school or behavioural result, either way, parents want to be known for good things, securing their family name is a priority, also when their child gets top in class, it earns them more respect

For more understanding and relaxation, watch the video:

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