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5 Kitchen Interior Designs For Those Conscious Of Quality



Do you know it is always favorable to welcome the new year with changes that enhances the feeling of a new beginning? So, why doesn’t the change start from your kitchen where you spend a good deal of time?

Today, kitchen interior design is more about simplicity and function. In this article, we present you 5 of the most stylish and practical kitchen design trends for 2019.

Versatile Navy: Its versatility means it’s a color that can adapt to both modern and traditional surroundings.’

Image result for Versatile Navy KITCHEN

Bespoke Storage: Ceiling height cupboards and tall units with overhead cabinets offering reams of additional storage will be a big trend

Image result for bespoke storage

Image result for bespoke storage units

Multifunctional Trough Sink: The multi-purpose integrated trough sink hasn’t lost popularity, it quite helpful.

With entertaining in the kitchen being a key function, wine racks and wine coolers are now seen as kitchen must-haves.

Image result for multifunctional Trough Sink

Kitchen Design Trends 2019

The Terrazzo touch 

Terrazzo is one of the kitchen design that is hard-to-resist, the composite material itself is not new; it has been used as floors and walls treatments in hospitals, schools, etc.

terrazzo-kitchen-countertop-675x450 Top 10 Stylish and Practical Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

terrazzo-kitchen-floor-675x913 Top 10 Stylish and Practical Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Suspended lighting 

Related image
over-island-kitchen-pendant-lighting-675x474 Top 10 Stylish and Practical Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

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