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5 Bl0wjob Tips Every Woman Needs



Image result for Bl0wjob Tips Every Woman NeedJust like you would hate it if your partner does not put the required effort into s3x with you, he would also not like it if you gave a half-assed bl0wjob. So. How then do you know if you are doing things right?

Are you the bl0w job queen? Or are you an amateur? Whichever you are, here are some useful tips to help out.

Get comfy: “Oral s3x can be a bit tiring, so be sure to position yourself so your upper body and shoulders can move up and down with you, just remember: you set the depth, you set the pace and you set your comfort so you’re in control”.

Anticipation: “Land soft, wet kisses on his mouth, neck and earlobes; show him what foreplay is all about, now bring your mouth down just far enough on his body so he’ll think maybe, hopefully, possibly you’ll keep on going; unzip his pants and begin teasing his p3nis lightly with your hand as you sweep your mouth around his belly button, hips, thighs – in other words, everywhere but his p3nis”.

The reveal: “It’s time for the clothes to start disappearing, gently pull down his underwear so you reveal only the head of his p3nis; now guide his p3nis to your mouth, and tease him with a couple of kisses before you remove every trace of clothing and move in for a closer lick. When performing oral sex the first touches of your mouth will give him the most incredible sensations. Ever so slowly, glide the tip of your tongue up over the head, down the shaft and back up again. Now take his whole head into your mouth for one full suck, and let it pop out with one loud sexy “slurp.”

Head in: “You are now into the faster, rhythmical phase he’s been aching for; try the techniques below as your starting point and improvise from there, be sure to include these BJ-boosters, too; you only need to put his p3nis into your mouth as far as you feel comfortable when giving head, you can start shallow and increase the depth slowly; pay attention to what’s going on inside your mouth and make sure it’s always nice ‘n slippery, keep your teeth out of the way, run his head along the roof of your mouth for a bumpy ridge effect, lick the tip of his head while it’s inside and swirl on it with your tongue”.

Bring his balls into play: “Lube them up and caress them gently for the full erotic oral s3x experience; lightly tug, squeeze and roll them around in the cup of your hand then move on to his taint and butt but remember to take your time and know that enthusiasm is key so you have to love everything you’re doing”


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