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5 Golden Qualities Every Aspiring Politician Must Possess





Mr Olokodana Bashir is the Organizing Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Egbe-Idimu Local Council Development Area (LCDA). He spoke with reporter, Augustine Nwaobi, lending his voice on issues relating to grass-root politics, participation, LCDAs as it affects state and residents in general.

The APC bigwig in Egbe-Idimu highlighted his intelligent explanation of 5 Golden Qualities Every Aspiring Politician Must Possess.


Below are the qualities opined by Bashir:



Bashir, while narrating the importance of loyalty for aspiring politicians, he said that politics demands absolute loyalty to the man at the helm of affairs.

“Yes, anyone venturing into politics must be loyal to those in power. It is not expected for anybody to act as ‘I too know’ or ‘I am more brilliant that the man in charge’. In politics absolute loyalty is the rule of the game. Never betray the master”, he said.


Olokodana was of the view that any aspiring politician who wants to succeed must serve under a superior, maintaining that aspiring politicians must be ready to endure and sometimes suffer temporal hardship.

“The day you join politics is not the day you start reaping the gains, so a politician that wants to succeed should be wise enough to patiently wait for his own time. By implication, he or she should be willing to work with or serve under those whose time has come. And with determination and right attitude, the best of every situation is revealed”, he explained.


The organizing Secretary also spoke on the significance of determination in politics, asserting that quitters cannot go far in the political trade, hence everyone desiring to play the game must be strong both to will and to do.

“Anybody that wants to excel in this trade must not be a quitter, but rather courageous in the face of immense obstacles”, he affirmed.


Bashir revealed that aspiring politicians must be humble enough to learn the act or succeeding from those who are already successful.

“Politics is learnt so anyone coming in must be ready to learn how politicians handle their day to day affairs”.


The APC Bigwig said that considering the magnitude of public responsibility politics attracts, it was vital for everyone interested in politics to also be interested in confidently relating with people.

“Boldness is not an optional character for a politician but a compulsory habit since it is expected of them to talk, relate and sometim”es confront situations squarely”  Bashir said.

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