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Latest Aknara Styles

100 Latest Ankara Style Designs For 2020 (Updated)




You’re looking for a list of the latest Ankara styles, well, here it is. Want to know the best part? We update this list of Ankara styles weekly with multiple new ideas from gowns to Ankara jumpsuits and your favorite Instagram celebrities’ style.

It is really amazing and exciting what Africans are creating out of Ankara these days. Blouses and skirts, gowns {shorts and long}, trousers and even bags and shoes are being designed from Ankara. The possibilities are just endless.

Nigerians have a really unique taste in styles and design and as the main headquarters of Ankara, it just keeps getting creative with it. The world has really turned into a fashion parade and is sure you do not want to be the odd one out.

Creativity runs in every woman’s vein and we always want to look stunning So ladies below are the list of Ankara design your designer needs to sew for you, Updated for 2020.

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Latest Ankara Style Designs For 2020

If you’re looking for the trendiest, beautiful and latest Ankara styles then you’re in for a treat. We have found the 100 trending Ankara styles on Instagram to help you slay at your events.

1. Strapless Six Pieces Long Gown

latest ankara styles
Fashion styles | African Fashion style

This is what I call a show-up and show-off kind of look, this is a gorgeous detailed well-tailored six pieces gown that drags attention anywhere it is been worn too. If you are the type that likes to show up and show off then this piece right here is your go-to gown.

2. Long Laced Up Ribbon Sleeve Ankara Gown

latest ankara styles
Xclusive Styles

This is an exclusive well-tailored laced up Ankara gown, some times even these styles speak for themselves.

3. One-Handed Plitted Flare Gown

latest ankara styles

This is another classy and elegant Ankara style very unique and trendy also.

4. Shoulder cut Bell Sleeve Penciled Gown

latest ankara styles

This is super classy super bold and beautiful, nothing too extra just enough sauce for wedding occasions.

5. Classic Long Ankara Kimono Jacket

latst ankara styles
mélòdý jacòb

It sure is very classy even the combination of the outfit is effortlessly beautiful.

6. Simple Netsleeve Penciled Gown

latest ankara styles

Simple but chic u can always spice up with your gele or not whatever works better for you.

7. Short-Sleeve Statement Ankara Gown

latest ankara styles

Anyone who know mercy Aigbe will know that she is a nice Fashionista and she never settles for less when it comes to looking nice.

8. Offshoulder Ankara Ball Gown

latest ankara styles
Style Rave

These days Ankara is more than just clothes we wear to weddings this beautiful ball gown just made it known to us that it could be more. This obviously is a prom dress made with Ankara what a beauty it is.

9. Offshoulder Puffsleeve Mini Penciled Gown

latest ankara styles

Up your slayage game with this classy shade of awesomeness, you can always spice it up with a headgear it all depends on how it works for you.

11. Spaghetti Strap Plitted Edges Ankara Gown

latest ankara gown
Nigerian Fashion

This is in fact too beautiful no doubt but u can switch up this look by wearing a kimono jacket and a nice pair of sneakers to go from classy to chic.

12. Plain Long Ankara Skirt

latest ankara styles

This long Ankara skirt is plain no doubt but you can always sauce it up by a shorter crop top on it or a shirt to give you that Friday look to your workplace.

13. Tiny Strap Ruffled Up Ankara Gown

latest ankara styles
Latest Fashion Updates

this is a beautiful classy and elegant look and it is a must-have for every boss lady.

14. Offshoulder A shape Flare Gown

latest ankara styles
YKM media

This outfit is simple , comfortable very free and convenient but still very classy, this is a must-have for every lady, we call always switch up with a nice pair of sneakers to get that bossy chic look.

15. Flare Sleeve Top With Six Pieces Skirt

latest ankara styles
Image: @latest Ankara styles// Instagram

This a beautifully tailored skirt and blouse that speaks nothing less than class.

16. Bishopneck Mini Bell sleeve Gown

latest ankara fashion styles
Latest Fashion Updates

This is a classy way to show up at any event, the combination of Ankara and plain pattern really brought out the style but the color combination also matters a lot too.

17. Long Slitted Skirt with Long Sleeve Crop Top

latest ankara styles
Image: @avorbynessa_// Instagram

This is a very convenient and comfortable style,  the slit in front of the skirt is not too high and not so low just enough to bring out the beauty of the leg, the length of the top too is very important the essence of it all is shed off some beautiful skin.

18. Bogus Sleeve slitted Penciled Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @latest_ankara// Instagram

If we take a good look at this gown we would see that the sleeve is completely different from the rest of the gown that is where the beauty of the style is also the detailed cut in the boobs area that is just nothing less than classy.

19. Ruffled Sleeve Vneck Short Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @bibii360_// Instagram

The length of this gown is just perfect, then we have the sleeve with black ruffles making it not so plain anymore it now depends on how you want to style yours, but this particular look is just so beautiful.

20. Short-Sleeve Flare Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @dressathon.lagos_// Instagram

That smile on her face is the one you get when your confidence level is topnotch because of what you are wearing and that is exactly how it is supposed to be, the mixture of the material in between is just to spice the simple flare gown up and make it look even more elegant.

21. Mini Plitted Edges Flare Sleeve Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @latest_ankara_// Instagram

Simplicity and Elegance that is exactly what this mini beautiful shade of sweetness is all about.

22. Button Down Long Sleeve Gown With Belt

latest ankara styles
Image: @ankara_depot// Instagram

This is a beauty at its peak, this style is very simple yet a bit difficult because of the bogus sleeve but when matched with beautiful accessories then it will bring out the essence of the whole style.

23. Tiny Strapped Plitted Edges Top With Long Slitted Skirt

latest ankara styles
Image: @asobellae_// Instagram

For those who say skirt and blouse is going out of fashion well, this has to prove that saying wrong because this is yet another classy very detailed blouse and a simple split skirt and you can’t go wrong by attending a wedding in this beautiful shade of awesomeness.

24. Bow Tied Strapless Long Flare Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @baltimoreskimora_// Instagram

Make a statement by stepping into a wedding reception in this lovely outfit it can be styled with a gele on it to make it look even more fabulous.

25. Strapless Mini Hip Cape Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @uptown_photography// Instagram

Another go-to wedding dress, step out and lighten up the whole place with this beautiful fabulous cape down Ankara dress.

26. Shoulder cape Penciled Gown

latest ankra fashion styles
Image: @ankarastylesblog// Instagram

It is true what they say that fashion is what you buy and style is what exactly you do with.

27. Bow Tie Long Puffsleeve Plitted Edges Gown

latest ankara fashion style
Image: @ankarafashiongallery_// Instagram

Looking for a classy way to show up for a wedding event then this another go to gown,  simply unique.

28. Crossed Strap Mini Two Layers Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @iwearankara_// Instagram

This is yet another simple but classy Ankara outfit for my owambe party rockers for those who are not the gele type this is for you but for those who like the gele trust me it won’t change a thing about the style but instead add a lot of sauce to it.

29. Three Layers Long Sleeve Short Gown

latest ankara styles
African fashion and lifestyles

This Ankara style is filled with class also very easy for a designer to get a hang of it.

30. One-Sided Shoulder Cut Flare Gown With Belt

latest ankara styles

Best Outfit suitable for all kinds of events and occasions, beautiful, elegant and classy.


31. One-Handed Laced Up Long Gown


Ankara styles like ths one deserves more attention more than it gets, it has always been in trend and considered a very comfortable style especially if you like it conservative but classy, it is practical and suitable for all kinds of occasion, you can easily add your own form of design to it.

32. Long Sleeve Short Gown With Net Frock

latest ankara styles
Source: The Hakika Post

Simple and elegant is the new word for ankara styles and you can get just that from this style.

33. Off Shoulder Free Gown

latest ankara styles
Source: Ankara styles

Off-shoulder Ankara style has always found ways to win every Ankara lover’s heart and here’s is another style to add to that click.

34. Raglan Blouse With Skirt

Source: Celebrity Gist & Nigeria Latest News

Just as there is a raglan sleeve so also is a raglan blouse, designed for those who find conservative styles more comfortable.

35. Mini Akara Gown With Puff Layer Sleeve

Latest Ankara Style
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

One of the most trending form of Ankara is a bold sleek style just like the one above, we love how classic and simple the style is.

36. Fulani Jumpsuit

latest ankara design
Image: @ankaradigest // Instagram

Chicama have always been known to step out in class and style and this also extends to her Ankara design, the jumpsuit is rare style combination you can’t help but love.

37. Asymmetric Gown

latest ankara design
Image: @ankaradigests // Instagram

We are completely in love with a style like this, it’s hot and in trend just like an Ankara style should be, the frock added more sauce to the look.

38. Micro A-line Gown

latest ankara design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

With a style like this, you need not worry about how to match it, it goes well with practically any footwear, effortless and beautiful.

39. Old School Trouser With Office Shirt

Latest ankara design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

With a style like the one above, you can change the whole fashion game at your work place on a friday, classic and perfect for a chic.

40. Material Infused Gown

latest ankara design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

An exotic style with all the glamour and c;lass an Ankara style needs to have.

41. Shorts And Long Sleeve Shirt And Jacket

latest ankara style
Image: @ankara_and_asoebi_styles // Instagram

Nothing stops you from stepping out in class and one of the best ways you can do this is with your Ankara styles, simple and elegant.

42. Deep Neckline With Fringe Frock

latest ankra styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

The style above can be simply referred to as glamorous and casual at the same time, you can go practically anywhere with a style like that.

43. Stylish Sleeve Raglan Gown

latest ankra styles and design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

To look like a boss, you need a style that is up to the task and we have just the right Ankara style to get that done, this would change anyone’s look.

44. Crop Top With Boot Cut Trouser

latest ankara style
Image: @nikkibilliejean // Instagram

Another simple style that would change your look totally, it’s not that difficult to sew if you have the right tailor working on it.

45. Pocket Jumpsuit With Flare Sleeve

Latest ankara style
image: @ankara_and_asoebi

A one-piece jumpsuit can never be refused and not even one that looks like the style above, it’s beautiful and simple which makes it even more fantastic.

46. Cross V-neckline With Deep Split

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarabellas // Instagram

You can’t go out of reasons to go out with a style like that, it’s elegant and fascinating and also you do not have to worry about overdressing, it’s casual enough for a simple event. The style can be called unique and stylish, a new trending style for 2020.

47. Half Body Blazer On Jumpsuit

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarabellas // Instagram

Tired of skirts, gowns, and altogether boring styles? Here is a style that makes all the difference and a new trend you can’t say no to, you would surely find something to love about the design from the one-piece style to the blazer jacket.

48. Spandex Crop Top With Layered Skirt

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

If you did like to go for a bold flattering style that you can easily re rock for a simple event or Ankara style suitable for summer then they style above is just what your tailor needs to get sewn for you.

49. Stylish Ankara Gown

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Everything is just right with this style, nothing overboard and serves all kinds of purpose, from an evening gown to Friday wear at the office.

50. Short Flare Gown With Raglan Sleeves

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarabella // Instagram

Looking for short gowns that are classy with no frills? Look no further, this might the style you are looking for.

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